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Confederate Memorial Day 2018






Excellent Essay from The Imaginative Conservative


New Members

We received the following new members to the camp tonight:  John Decker; Dave Decker; Michael Robinson, Jr.; Bob Tiedemann, Jr.  Welcome, Compatriots!!

John Decker:


Dave Decker:


Michael Robinson, Jr.


Bob Tiedemann, Jr.


Sterling Price Camp 676 Welcomes New Member Larry Muse

Lt. Commander Mark Slater presents Compatriot Muse his membership certificate.  Mr. Muse's Confederate ancestor Jacob Sutton Marrow was a 2nd Lieutenant in Co. B of the 18th Texas Cavalry.  Welcome Larry!


Political Correctness' Attack on the South

Upcoming seminar the Abbeville Institute.

TOPIC: The politically correct assault on Confederate symbols now includes nearly all things Southern. The statue of John C. Calhoun in Charleston was vandalized. Southern founding fathers are rejected because they were slave holders. Universities are removing or renaming buildings, monuments and symbols with links to the pre‑1960s South.

Not understanding the world‑inverting character of ideological thinking, many well meaning people seek to appease these militant demands. But they do so at their peril.

The Southern vision of society was America until the War of 1861‑65. Even into the middle of the twentieth century most Americans viewed Confederate heroes as American heroes. Southern statesmen shaped the destiny of the Union and formed the bedrock of the rugged individualistic American society. The popular film “Dixie” (1942), starring Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour, described “Dixie” as a rousing song that “expresses the spirit of America.”

Join us for a discussion of what these politically correct attacks mean for the future of the South and America, and why we should continue not only to recognize but to honor the South’s role in shaping America.

Hopefully they will make some of the materials available after the seminar.



From the Missouri Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans:


See Y'all at the Annual Lee-Jackson Dinner!

Saturday, January 30, Village Inn Restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Dinner will be held from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Contact us through the site for details.


Happy Birthday General Jackson!



(Meme taken from SCV HQ's Facebook page)


American Hypocrisy

From Herbert Chambers at the Abbeville Institute.

Have you ever witnessed any media anywhere going to the same pains for their very own Southern countrymen and their misused Confederate American symbols? Has the same prime time voice and respectful consideration ever been given to a Confederate perspective? In no way shape or form. In fact, the media forsake evenhandedness to be agents of misinformation. They mock and sneer and dismiss out of hand any message that even hints at being an alternative to the canned party line of the last 150 years. They ignore and diminish the polished, professional historians who are scholars in the truth of the South and her symbols and grant, by their flagrant deceitfulness, exclusive rights to the Confederate story squarely with those who know the very least about it and stain its glorious narrative.

For example, Haley’s recent change of mind in allowing the secessionist rally at the statehouse had nothing to do with respect for the rights of assembly or free speech. Instead, it was an orchestrated way of, once again, making sure Confederate symbols were shown being used (misused, actually) in the hands of the intolerant – all twelve of them – maybe, thinking her handlers, erasing some of the stain from her treacherous image and those of her legislative colleagues in crime. And guess who was there en masse with their biased lenses? Were they present at solemn Confederate Memorial Day services, attended by hundreds, with Confederate flags flying quietly in honor of South Carolina’s Confederate fallen? Not nary a notepad.

The media make no effort to help create a dialogue that would encourage an atmosphere of understanding and learning of Confederate American history, which would thereby separate that history and its symbols from racist radicals; radicals who have absolutely no clue whatsoever about their truth and message, and have no historical attachment to them at all. (See paragraph one).

This is a most despicable case of duplicity and prejudice; of intentional deception. Yes, it is, but are we shocked? No, not the least. We ceased being wounded by this modus operando ages ago. The media are completely predictable. But, this bears worth mentioning because of the striking contrast between their treatment of their own people and history versus the Muslim. They go out of their way to coo and coddle an ideology that is a Black Mamba to our existence; give wide voice to and advocate tolerance for an ideology that vividly proclaims, and has actually proven, its deadliness to our way of life, while offering no quarter for their own Southern American brethren.

Islamic terrorists have killed over 4,000 Americans, right on our own soil, at the behest of the Koran and the teachings of Allah. This American number increases when those killed in other parts of the world are included. Yet, mosques are put up in American cities while Southern American flags and memorials are taken down. The Southerners’ appeal for an honest hearing, their appeal for the truth, is given no voice; but Muslims are given enthusiastic access to every media outlet, to explain why the death-to-the-West message of Islam and the Koran is really nothing to be afraid of – despite over 4,000 dead. We are encouraged to embrace Muslims of an intolerant faith, brought into this country by the tens of thousands, while American citizens, who simply appeal for the truth of Confederate history, and advocate intolerance for no one, are treated like a revolting, backwoods pariah. Muslim symbols are to be accepted, even though they call for our extermination, while Confederate symbols, representing courage, independence, and self-determination, the very foundations of our country, are to be trashed and annihilated. Muslim clothing that has been worn to conceal bomb belts and other weapons in attacks worldwide may be worn without fear in any American public venue; but damned be the person who dares bear the Confederate flag on a simple T-shirt.

Amazing, isn’t it, the hypocrisy of it all? But it is so evident why grave adherence to this fallacious double standard is as sure as gravity: to provide the same consideration for Confederate history would open the gates to understanding just what the War was really all about, and that, as a consequence, would lead to the discovery that something criminally unconstitutional did indeed happen to the South and the American Republic; and that the reason the South seceded and the War was fought has no connection to the raison sacre’ – that which sends politicos and talking heads cowering into their darkest corners for fear of being called the “R” word.


Walter Williams: Blacks and the Confederacy

For those of who have friends and relatives who wonder why our "racist" organization actually has black members, send this article to them from black columnist and professor of economics at George Mason University Walter Williams, and let them be illumined:

Blacks and the Confederacy


Happy Birthday General Lee!


Pray, Send Good Thoughts, Keep Your Fingers Crossed, Behead a Chicken, or Do Whatever It Is You Do. . .

Weather permitting, novelist, essayist and Chronicles Magazine contributor Chilton Williamson, Jr. will join us on January 30 for the Colorado Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans' annual Lee-Jackson Dinner. Woo-hoo!

Williamson's bio.


January/February Territorial Dispatch


Sterling Price Camp 676 is Growing!

Arguably by leaps and bounds, thanks largely to recent events.  We recently received new members that brought  the total membership to 14.  However, there are 9 more members coming with applications currently in process, and another 4 potential members who have yet to apply.  If those 4 apply and are accepted, we will have essentially doubled our membership!  I haven't yet heard, but I'm guessing other Colorado camps are experiencing the same phenomenon, and if a recent report from HQ on its Facebook page is any indication, this is a national phenomenon.

As you know, the SCV needs descendants of Confederate soldiers and sailors to stand with us against the forces of Cultural Marxism and ignorance, more so now than ever.  Please always be on the alert for ways in which we might find these potential members.

Deo Vindice!


Newest Member Dean Reeves

Sterling Price Camp 676 welcomes new member Dean M. Reeves!



Cleanup of Confederate Memorial, August 12, 2015

Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to Compatriot Dean Reeves for the photos!


Sterling Price Camp 676 Presents Another Membership Certificate

To (sort of) new member Jim Gigax.  Welcome, Jim!       


Nothing Is Sacred

Another must read from the Abbeville Institute.

Many in the South have no issue with the fact that the Confederate Flag no longer flies from the top of the various State Capitols. Of course, unforeseen by most at the time that these flags were removed was that this would become a mere stepping stone to further assaults on Southern history by those on the left.

A monument is defined as “Anything by which the memory of a person or an event is preserved or perpetuated.” The United States government has ordained as “national monuments” a list that includes everything from the Admiralty Islands in Alaska, to a monument to dinosaurs in Colorado, and even White Sand Dunes in New Mexico. Closest to everyone’s heart are generally monuments to those who have sacrificed their lives in the various wars that we’ve undertaken as Americans over the centuries. In this realm are included monuments and memorials to all of the branches of military service, the Beirut Memorial, the Faces of War Memorial, the D-Day Memorial, and the “Grand Army of the Republic” Memorial, the latter of which is located in Peoria, Illinois. Presently, nobody would even remotely suggest removing the flags from these memorials.

Yet, as is often the case, memorials to the Confederate soldier seem to be fair game for such discriminatory practices. Because, for one reason or another, some find the Confederate Flag “offensive”, these monuments have of late become sacrificial lambs in the war being waged by the forces of political correctness against common sense and decency. It is not enough that the Confederate soldier fought to defend his home and family, fought bravely and nobly, generally did not own any slaves, or was a devout Christian man. It is likewise not enough that his Cause was in keeping with the very philosophical foundation of what became “America”- the right to choose his own form of government –as was established in 1776 by his own forefathers. No, because a small percentage of misguided people generations later would misuse his Flag in a manner that he neither foresaw nor intended, the Confederate soldier now stands alone among the Veterans of this country in that he is deemed no longer worthy of having his banner adorn the memorials that have been erected in his honor. Perhaps even more disheartening (and frankly, disgusting) is that in many cases, it is his own posterity, his own descendants, who in their official governing capacities and offices are accepting, abiding by and enforcing such determinations- generally for some form or another of political gain. Is this what we’ve come to?

On December 7, 1960, President Dwight Eisenhower issued a proclamation recognizing the Centennial of the War Between the States. He attested that “that war was America’s most tragic experience. But like most truly great tragedies, it carries with it an enduring lesson and a profound inspiration. It was a demonstration of heroism and sacrifice by men and women of both sides who valued principle above life itself and whose devotion to duty is a part of our Nation’s noblest tradition.”

Heroism, sacrifice, principle and devotion to duty- in the Pre-PC era, these were the attributes associated with all of the soldiers of that war, both North and South. Such an outlook allowed that we were a “now magnificently reunited country”, according to President Eisenhower, as he celebrated that both sides “sent into their armies men who became soldiers as good as any who ever fought under any flag.”

He asserted that “military history records nothing finer than the courage and spirit displayed at such battles as Chickamauga, Antietam, Kennesaw Mountain, and Gettysburg” and marveled that “America could produce men so valiant and so enduring” recognizing that such a truth “is a matter for deep and abiding pride.”

That both sides would be honored was sort of the unspoken agreement between the two sides in the post-war decades. A half-century after President Eisenhower issued this proclamation, such accolades are afforded to every veteran of every war except the Confederate veteran, who is now categorized by the left, and far too many on the right, only by, as one writer put it, “slavery, Jim Crow and institutionalized racism.” Due to this, the people of South Carolina, Alabama and other Southern States have been awakened to the chilling realization that when we look at the monuments to our family members, we are expected to feel, not “profound inspiration”, but shame.

The truth is, those of the politically correct persuasion, and the victims of their revisionist doctrine, have thought this way about us all along, and are profoundly upset that we dare to view our forefathers with anything other than the same disdain that they hold for the South. They’ve been for years awaiting the next tragedy to exploit in order to more vocally and publically project their antipathy against us and our people to a larger and more attentive audience. One deranged, murderous individual who happened to own a Confederate flag was all it took.


From William O'Donnell

They came in to power and destroyed lives. Relationships were ruined. Historic monuments were destroyed. History had to be rewritten.

The American left has, running through it, the same totalitarian streak that ran through the Communists, their kissing-cousins the Nazis, and the Islamic State. The left, always in search of a utopia, decides to force utopia on the world. That requires their inner totalitarian.

Communists, when they took over Russia, China, Cuba, etc. etc. etc. tore down monuments, demanded allegiance to their state, drove out dissent, and rewrote history.

The Islamic State now destroys lives, ruins relationships, rewrites history, and tears down historic monuments as it remakes society into a Caliphate utopia.

The American left, thankfully, is not as violent as its intellectual cousins abroad … yet. But while Bush was President, dissent was patriotic. Now, to criticize the President or the left is to be branded a racist, bigot, homophobe, and more. Dissent is no longer welcome in the town square.

The left celebrates the business that won’t bake a cake for a confederate, but demands bakers who won’t bake for gay weddings be fined by the state and driven from business. The pizza place get death threats if they have stars and bars pinned to the ceiling or publicly admit they don’t want a rainbow flag on the ceiling.

Historic memorials to the Civil War must be torn down. Historic names must be changed. St. Petersburg must become Leningrad. Companies must be shamed into not selling the Confederate battle flag.

They cannot help themselves. Totalitarians have to exert total control, including emotional control, over all aspects of your life.

They will make you care and, in fact, they will judge you based on how much you care and whether you care the right way. If you do it wrong, prepared to be harassed out of gainful employment, shamed out of the public square, and, if they get their way, harassed by the government they control.

They have to scratch their totalitarian itch. It is their nature.

Dylann Roof, who should be branded a murderous monster, is instead a means to the left’s ends.